Anonymous asked: How big do you want to get ?

300 lb

Anonymous asked: U are so hot bby i wanna fuck you and feed you food and use cum as frosting on your cake bby


Some pictures of me

Had an amazing birthday yesterday!!!

sgtheavy asked: Not much of a question but more of a statement. I came across your site and let me just say Amazing and WoW are the 1st things that come to mind. I'm now a huge fan of your site. I'm currently deployed and as you may know under lots of stress. You site helps RELEASE some stress build up after a long days work. Thank you.

Im soo glad

Anonymous asked: Is your 1-800-TO-FLIRT number free? And please don't tell me that I can see if it is or not on your website because I don't have a credit card or paypal, and I'd rather get my stuff like that free anyway.

No its not sorry